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Our Spiritual Journey

We at boatrentalz turned to the psychic path in late 1998 and have never looked back we have several offices overseas and have re-branded the psychic business to Psych-Hub.We like to encourage everyone to seek the service of a powerful medium, why are we so passionate about it?

Simple because we know it can and will help all who make the decision to truly value and change their lives forever. We encourage the path of spiritual evolution and healing one’s past life trauma can be a truly magnificent feat with the majority of people who give a hole hearted try becoming successful in their quest.

How We Became Psychics 

Our journey into the psychic realm became an obsession that all started with a common goal, the goal is that we endeavor to provide the highest quality training to all psychics and then provide the general public a means in which to have nothing but the very best over the phone medium support.

We know that all humans suffer and we were in a spot of suffering. One day or loved dog died and my wife went into a fit of rage then heavy depression.

It may seem weird strange or slightly crazy that our dog dying pushed us into the world of psychics but sometimes one never knows why or how their life changed we can only put it down to this. Our world can be perceived by outsiders as weird or mystical. Once a true understanding is gained it becomes obvious there is nothing weird at all about what our guides do on a daily basis. It becomes almost systematical and predictable. It is not robotic or scripted but rather predictable and accurate.

We train psychics from all over the world

In receiving training from all over the world we guarantee that you will love each and every opportunity that comes your way. The opportunity being to work with one of our hand trained mental, spiritual and emotional experts. We can and will help you create the world you want to live in. Your world will dramatically improve and your home in New Zealand will become a better place should you choose to improve your life. Many great personalities, tv stars, kings, queens famous people speak to a psychic on a daily basis. Don’t let social stigma stop you from receiving insight into what your world could look like.